Top 5 Tuesday: Books I Read Because of the Book Community

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Shanah of The Bionic Book Worm. Give her page some love!

Hey everyone!

I chickened out! I didn’t post the fitness post because it was scary. I WILL get myself to do it, though! It’s a little like going to the gym for the first time after you haven’t in awhile. So nerve wrecking ><!

But today is Top 5 Tuesday, so let’s get on to the top 5 books I read because of the book community!

1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas


I started reading YA last year with Caraval being the first, and then The Lunar Chronicles being next. During that time I became obsessed with Booktube, and this book always popped up. I honestly love a good romance, and everyone said this was it. So I read ACOTAR to get to ACOMAF and completely inhaled it! I remember thinking, “This is how giddy it feels when I read fanfiction of my favorite ships. I can’t believe real books can be like this!” I gotta admit, I didn’t like the next book in the series, but this will always be a memorable read to me!

2. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling


So…I didn’t complete all of Harry Potter until June of last year. I wasn’t much of a reader, okay??? ><! But everyone kept saying, “If you haven’t read Harry Potter, then what are you doing on so and so?” The pressure finally got to me, and I read everything in 3 weeks. I know people read a lot faster than that, but since I’ve started blogging I’ve only managed 4 books a month so seven in three weeks is crazy for me. And now I’m like pretty much the rest of the world and am super obsessed and trying to find another MG/YA series that will have me as engaged as Harry Potter did.

3. Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo


I got this book because of Instagram. Like everyone said, I didn’t end up liking the first trilogy in this universe. However, I was glued to my seat reading the duology. Again, I was new to YA and couldn’t believe how good it was. This book also introduced me to multiple POV’s, and that’ actually my preferred narrative style now.

4. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin


I am so late to the A Song of Ice and Fire train, but then again I’m late to most book related trains so eh…But for this one I was also late to the show hype. After watching the show I asked around in one of the Facebook groups for a book like A Game of Thrones, and some people finally convinced me to try the books. I was intimidated by adult fantasy up until this point, so I was not looking forward to this. But now it’s everything I want in fantasy!!! Great characters and character development, tons of lore, amazing writing, lots of intrigue, etc., etc., etc.! If I’m in a slump, I’m reading something from ASOIAF.

5. Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb


This is the first book I read specifically because of book blogging. I’ve heard of this series because it’s a favorite of Kitty G. on Youtube, but when I picked it up at the library, I couldn’t get used to the writing style. Then I tried to read it again for a readathon, but still couldn’t get to it. Then I started following fantasy book bloggers, and I don’t think I’ve read a bad review on this one. I randomly tried to read it again, and I’m so glad I did because Robin Hobb honestly is amazing at writing characters. →my review

What are some of your favorite books you’ve read because of the book community? Have you read any of the ones I mentioned? I’d love to chat!

Cya! ^^

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Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Naked Hardcovers

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Shanah of The Bionic Book Worm. Give her page some love!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been away for a week due to mental health. I think I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed with decisions concerning my future. I’m also in search of an apartment closer to my university and a new job!

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is supposed to be books to re-read, but I’ve already talked about those, so instead I will be posting my favorite naked hardcovers which was the theme for the first week of July.


1. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir


I was lucky enough to find this used on AbeBooks! You’re definitely going to see a pattern here. I love black and white books with gold, bronze, or silver foil. The whole naked hardcover of this book is gold, so I had to add it!


2. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


This is the Barnes and Noble edition so the background is white instead of black. Again, gold foil on white so I had to add it.


3. Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir by Cinelle Barnes


This is the most colorful naked hardcover I own, and it’s sooo gorgeous! I love just staring at it sometimes. It’s another book on Filipinos, but it’s nonfiction so I’m hoping to read it in November.


4. Heartless by Marissa Meyer


I was obsessed with this naked hardcover when I first got it! I’m also a sucker for anything by Marissa Meyer because she used to write Sailor Moon fanfiction >.>. I didn’t like this book as much as The Lunar Chronicles, in fact, I actually had it on my DNF shelf for sometime. However, I ended up giving it 4 stars when I picked it up again.


5. Circe by Madeline Miller


Everything about this cover and its naked hardcover is gorgeous! I don’t know why I haven’t read this yet as I adored The Song of Achilles, but I’ll get to it eventually!


And that’s it for today! Are you as in love with any of these naked covers as I am? Is there anything you find particularly attractive in naked hardcovers? Let me know!

Cya! ^^

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Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Character Driven Books

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Shanah of The Bionic Book Worm. Give her page some love!

Hey everyone!

It’s time for another Top 5 Tuesday! I didn’t participate last week because I had just put away my photography set up before I saw the prompt and decided it was too much effort for my procrastinating blogger self. >.> But I’m back today, with my favorite character driven books. Sort of! Otherwise we’d see another post with Evelyn Hugo, The Fifth Season, and The Song of Achilles again. Trying to mix it up again!

So here are some other books I love with great characters!

1. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo


This is the first book I read that really made me think YA would be a fun genre to get into. Crooked Kingdom is the second book in the Six of Crows duology, but I enjoyed the character arcs more in this one. My favorite character would have to be Jesper. I remember thinking we had the same close relationship with our parents, and we both joke around our issues. I also enjoyed Nina, the sexy and confident plus-sized Grisha who is more grey than her everything-is-black-and-white suitor.


2. Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire


Cora a plus-sized, fit mermaid is my newest favorite character of all time. I loved how she was characterized and I love her attitude. She is confident in herself yet still nervous when she meets new people. I also enjoyed Rini, a young girl anxious to rescue her mother from death.


3. Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb


I don’t know if there is any character in this book I didn’t like! Wait, no, yea, there’s definitely a few characters I didn’t like. >.> But I like how Robin Hobb characterized them. I really need to get back to this trilogy soon because I’ve been craving a cast of characters to obsess over! →my review


4. Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo

stay with me

While I think the reasoning behind many events that took place didn’t make much sense, I still liked the characters, especially Yejide. She is a modern woman married to a man with a more conservative family in Nigeria. It was interesting to see how Yejide slowly changed to attempt to please her elders.


5. Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake


I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would and the characters are exactly why I liked it. First we have Mara, the twin whose brother is being accused of rape who is also dealing with her own past full of trauma. Then there is her ex-girlfriend who vividly describes what it’s like to be non-binary. I know many people don’t like her, but I also enjoyed reading about Mara’s mother who is also the rapist’s mother.  She has to have the most conflicting feelings as she is a huge advocate for feminism but also the mother of a rapist. →my review

That’s all for today! What are some of your favorite character driven novels? I’d love to know, and feel free to drop your T5T link in the comments.

Cya! ^^


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Top 5 Tuesday: Summer Reads – Manga Edition

Hey everyone!

I really appreciate the support I got on my Craft Corner post! I think I will try to incorporate it 1-2 times a month. How does that sound? Also! I finally got some social media buttons up, so check the sidebar and follow me elsewhere if you’d like!

For today’s Top 5 Tuesday, we’re supposed to choose our favorite summer reads. I know that summer is usually the season of light and fluffy books, but I’m going to change it up a bit and recommend light and fluffy manga that you can probably binge during the summer. Sailor Moon won’t be on this list again, I promise! But you should totally check it out anyway. ^^

1. Nodame Cantabile by Tomoko Ninomiya


In this manga, Chiaki is an uptight musician who dreams of becoming a conductor and Noda aka “Nodame” is an oddball who is pretty much useless in every situation but has the natural ability to play classical piano pieces in a “more pleasing” way. When I first discovered Nodame Cantabile, I was obsessed for at least a month. I read the whole series in a couple of days, found out it was an anime and watched every season, then found out it had a live action and watched all those episodes, too. I enjoyed how it shows that, yes, working hard may get you what you want, but being yourself will also help you get places, too.


2. Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura


In Princess Jellyfish, Tsukimi is a nerdy girl obsessed with jellyfish and lives in a place where girls like herself can be themselves. She and her room mates are intimidated by fashionable people, especially fashionable men. But when Tsukimi notices two jellyfish that can’t survive together in the same tank in a pet shop, a fashionable cross dresser saves the day! This was so adorable I even made myself my own Clara the Spotted Jellyfish!


3. Dramacon by Svetlana Chmakova


Summer is con season, and if you’re into cosplay and artist alleys, I think this is the perfect read. It’s all about what goes on behind the scenes in conventions. This manga specifically centers around anime conventions, but I imagine you get some of the same experiences in other conventions, too. I first read this after participating in an artist alley when I was 19 and felt like this was the perfect read to end my first convention experience.


4. Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina


This is about a shy girl named Sawako who wants to make friends but is incredibly shy. That and people are intimidated by her because she looks like the girl from The Ring. Somehow, she befriends Kazehaya, the most popular guy in school, and together they work on building her self confidence. It’s basically another cute shojou manga, but Sawako is super charming and I love a love interest who is actually a pretty nice guy.


5. Kamisama Kiss by Julietta Suzuki


In Kamisama Kiss, homeless Nanami Momozomo saves a man from a dog. He then offers to let her live at his home and she accepts his offer. Turns out, the man is the deity of the shrine, and by accepting his offer, Nanami unknowingly agreed to take over his duties as the local deity. It’s a fantastical shojou manga with the hate to love trope. All I need in a cute, fluffy read!

Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy it? Got any summer recommendations for me? I’d love to hear from you!

Cya! ^^




Top 5 Tuesday: Books I Haven’t Read Because of the Hype

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Shanah of The Bionic Book Worm. Give her page some love!

Hi everyone! It’s been a whole week since I posted, I know! School kicked my butt last week. I really need to learn to plan out my posts…

This week’s Top 5 Tuesday is a freebie, so I’ve decided to talk about the top 5 books that have scared me away because of the hype. Hype tends to freak me out because of the pressure to like what so many other people like. What if I don’t like the book? What if I want to DNF it? And now, because I’m trying to take my reviews more seriously, what if I have to write a negative review??

The thing is, for the majority of the books I’m about to list, I know I’ll love them, too. I just have to get myself to read them.

1. Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend


I don’t know anyone who’s read this that doesn’t love Nevermoor. They could love fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, YA, non-YA and still have the highest praises for this book. Plus, it’s continuously been compared to Harry Potter. Talk about setting the bar high for my expectations.


2. The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang


What book is more hyped in the adult fantasy world right now than The Poppy War? Let me tell you, this was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, but I have not yet read it! I have seen nothing but positive reviews for this book and amazingly written reviews at that! Check out Kathy’s and Petrick’s reviews.


3. The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson


I don’t even know with this one, guys. I’m a total Brandon Sanderson fan, but I keep putting this book off. The hype is huge!! The Stormlight Archives is even nominated for a Hugo this year, and if it wins I might actually have a chance to be there when it gets the award (It’s in San Jose, CA this year, FYI). I think my expectations are scaring me off more than the hype to be honest.


4. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi


Children of Blood and Bone’s hype started way before it even got published, so just purchasing this book made me hesitate. Also, if there’s a book with themes of systematic oppression and colorism written by an #ownvoice author, then I want to love it, and I want to promote it. That being said, even though there is still so much hype surrounding this book, there’s also more criticisms. I’ve heard there is instalove and pacing issues, and I usually can’t get with both.


5. Red Rising by Pierce Brown


This book has so much hype surrounding it that a couple of my friends who don’t read read and loved it. Though, I’m pretty sure they initially picked it up because Pierce Brown was named sexiest author alive or something like that… Regardless, the book community does seem to love this book, and I’ve been putting it off for at least 2 years because there’s so much hype, and what if I hate it??

Have you read any of these? Are there any you think I need to read right this moment? What books have you backed away from because of the hype? Let me know in the comments!

Cya! ^^



Top 5 Tuesday: Covers With Green, Blue, Purple

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Shanah of The Bionic Book Worm. Give her page some love!

Hey, hey! I finished Assassin’s Apprentice and I’ve debated putting the trilogy down to get to smaller books while in summer school, but I CAN’T! I’m so in love with the characters and really need to know what happens next. If I finish just this trilogy in June I will feel super happy and accomplished because I had hoped that I would love Robin Hobb’s works for so long but that 14 book world is daunting. However, after reading the first book I’m kind of sad that I only have 13 books left lol… If you’ve read Assassin’s Apprentice and loved it (or disliked it that’s okay, too) I’d love to discuss it with you!

But okay, now for Top 5 Tuesday I thought I would discuss books I’ve already read again, but I always talk about the books I came up with. So for today, these books will be my top 5 anticipated releases with green, blue, and purple covers.

Hope you enjoy!

1. Sea Witch by Sarah Henning


I think this cover is gorgeous! Also, it’s another maritime fantasy adventure and a Little Mermaid retelling. My buzz words all over the place. All it needs now is a whole lot of swashbuckling, and I’m sure I’ll love this one.


2. The Raging Ones by Krista and Becca Ritchie


I think I just like this cover because it’s mostly purple, and purple is my favorite color. >.> However, it seems super interesting, too. It’s set in a world where everyone knows their death days and they are separated based on the length of their lives. Somehow, people start to dodge their death days and have to flee their planet as a result. It also features an M/M romance and a strong M/M/F friendship.


3. Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan


There is more red, orange, and yellow on this cover, but I had to give this one a shout out because Maura Milan is a Filipina author. And look! A WOC on the cover, too! Apparently this  should feel like Throne of Glass but set in space. I’m a little hesitant when a book is pitched as “for fans of ToG” because the book never actually feels like ToG, but Ia, the main character, is a space outlaw who is caught by the imperialist nation she has been terrorizing and is forced to work for them. Seems like ToG set in space, so I’m in!


4. (Don’t) Call Me Crazy edited by Kelly Jensen


Though I am very much anticipating this anthology, I’m also terrified by it. As you probably already know, I am learning to live with my own mental health disorder. It’s a touchy subject for me still, but I’m trying to become more comfortable with it, and I think reading this anthology will show me that others really can relate.


5. Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean


I can’t wait for this one! And the cover is super pretty. I was actually lucky enough to grab an ARC without the cover art at YALLWEST. It’s another YA book about women competing to become queen but with a twist. The main character is hiding that she’s a yokai (demon) that can transform into a terrifying monster. There is also a half-human, half-yokai outcast. I’m hoping this feels something like Monstress and Inuyasha combined.

What books are you looking forward to for the rest of 2018? Any of these? Are you also obsessed with Assassin’s Apprentice like me??? Let me know!

Cya! ^^



Top 5 Tuesday: Covers With Red, Orange, and Yellow

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by Shanah of The Bionic Book Worm. Give her page some love!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the week again! Another Top 5 Tuesday is upon us, and this week’s topic is covers with red, orange, and yellow. I tried to choose books that I’ve already read and am able to remember, so this was another slightly tricky topic for me because apparently I don’t read many books with these colors on the cover. You learn so many new things about yourself when you join book memes, I swear lol.


Here are my top 5 books with red, orange and yellow on the cover.

1. Vicious by V.E. Schwab


I love this cover. I love it more than the new covers ><! It has this comic book kind of vibe to it, and I like how huge and busy the city looks like from Victor’s perspective. I’m not sure about you, but covers set the mood before I read on and this went perfectly with how I pictured events in the book. If you haven’t read Vicious yet, it’s basically about two men with extraordinary powers who are trying to get revenge on each other for an event that happened ten years prior. It is filled with a morally gray cast that I was never sure who to completely root for. This was my first read of the year, and I ended up enjoying it more than Schwab’s Shades of Magic Trilogy.


2. Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo

stay with me

If you follow me on Instagram, or have seen this cover yourself, then you know that it is a bright bright orange. And because it’s so bright it stands out to me. Set during the unstable political climate of Nigeria during the 80’s, this story features a modern couple in a traditional society that are unable to have children. Yejide and Akin were so interesting to read about because they seemed to have a sense of how they wanted to be but were constantly interrupted by their family and society’s beliefs and traditions.


3. Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada


I used to read a ton of shoujo manga when I was younger, but what I hated was the main characters would finally get together and that was it. We would never get to see the rest of their story. I enjoyed Itazura so much because it was the first time I read a shoujo manga where we get to see the main couple before they were together all the way to when they are married and expecting their first child. With that being said, Kotoko is not the smartest of cookies, and Naoki is kind of a jerk.


4. America is Not the Heat by Elaine Castillo


I know! I’m cheating because I haven’t finished it yet, but the cover is super pretty and fits the prompt so it works! This is an ode to Filipinos written for Filipinos, and reading it feels like home. I’m listening to it on audio which is probably why I haven’t finished it yet, but I will get there!


5. The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella


It’s been a minute since I’ve picked up anything by Sophie Kinsella, but this is the one book that I remember absolutely loving. In this story a lawyer some how ends up at a rich man’s house and ends up working as his maid. Sometimes I crave a cutesy romance full of tropes, and this hit the spot. It was hilarious and adorable, and I’m possibly due for a reread or another Sophie Kinsella book since Summer is among us!


So, I just realized I didn’t have any books with mostly red on the cover…><! How do I not have a favorite almost all red book???

Have you read anything on my list? What are some of your favorite red, orange, and yellow book covers? I’d love to chat about it!

Cya! ^^